zeeSQL, a solid product for busy developer
zeeSQL is not an open source project. I tried really hard to make RediSQL sustainable while being completely open source. Unfortunately I failed.
The product was stolen and used against its own license.
Between the choice of abbandoning the project and monetize it in a not open-source way, I decided to try to monetize it.


Being a closed source project, tht people pay real money for it, comes with a series of advantages.
Having the main developer of the project keep working on it, enhancing, and writing documentation for it, is invaluable. It is much more likely that the documentation will be of high quality. There is a clear incentive in having a well documented and easy to use project.
(This is not always the case for projects that sell supports, nor it is always the case for project that sell computing resources.)
Also, the possibilities that the project get abbandoned in the foreseable futures are extremely slim. It is a source of income for the author who has all the incentives to keep expading it.


The main disadvanates of having the source code of the project not open, is that it is impossible to modify the source code yourself.
During the years of work with RediSQL, very few people tryied to submit valuable Pull Request, and I don't really think that this would change with zeeSQL.
Another disadvantage of a closed source project is that it won't be possible for your organization to run the project indipendently.
This is not a problem, as long as RedBeardLab is around and keep working on zeeSQL, but it could be a real problem in the next 5 or 10 years.
To avoid this problem, we pledge to release the source code of zeeSQL as soon as we are unable to support it anymore.
Last modified 11mo ago
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