How to get zeeSQL
There are different way to get zeeSQL each suitable for production and testing.
The best way for you dependes on your specific use case.

Use the docker image

The simplest way to obtain zeeSQL is to use the standard docker image: redbeardlab/zeesql.
This particular image is based on the standard Redis image.
It starts Redis and automatically loads zeeSQL for you.
As soon as the image start, zeeSQL is loaded and ready to be used.
This can be used with docker, podman, but also in kubernetes.
If you are using docker, make sure to expose the port 6379 for Redis.
docker run -d --name zeesql -p 6379:6379 --rm redbeardlab/zeesql

Getting the binary

The second option is to get the zeeSQL binary.
The binary is rather small, ~10MB, and it can be downloaded from:
A simple way to get the binary is:
The binary can be distributed in whichever way you like, so you can push it in your private docker image, or send it to customers.
After you got the binary, you need to load it in Redis.​

Using the license

If you are using either the docker image or the binary, zeeSQL will be run with limitations.
To avoid those limitations, you need a software license.

About zeeSQL

zeeSQL is a Redis Module that provides SQL capabilities to Redis. It allows the creation and management of several SQL databases, each one independent from the other. Moreover, zeeSQL provides out-of-the-box secondary indexes capabilities, allowing fast and easy search by value in Redis.
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